Sunday, September 26, 2004

நீ, நான், அது!!

உன் அரவணைப்பு தேவைப்பட்ட
போதெல்லாம் கை கொடுத்தது!
இருந்ததாய் காட்ட
இல்லாத தலைவலியை !

Wrong this time too..

It has been long time since I blogged.. not that i was very busy ..As it goes usually, it was my laziness that kept me away from blogging..This is the first post after my arrival in US of A here.. :)
When I was in India and as I was getting mentally prepared for my US trip,I thought blogging is one hobby (hobby? uh..) that I can take up in US, to let my time tick away without me having to really push it off..But in reality, it is the other way.. i really dont have enough time to do things, leave alone 'pushing it away'..Thats how I ended up being wrong in planning and estimating,this time too.. :)

hoping and wishing I'll continue to do my blogging homework perfectly from now on.. When certain things happen in life and if it seems to be something that I have to record in the list of events I have in life,I would want to put it in the blog.. But life in the last few months was really hectic and directionless that I could not do that.. Hoping to slog slightly to blog, from now on.. :)