Monday, November 01, 2004

Daylight saving ends..

It was halloween today.The climate was too good - It was sunny and windy too. Was wonderful to watch the leaves falling from the trees. The room I am in, gives a nice view of the lake nearby. The tree I photographed in the morning with those beautiful colored leaves, stands with barely few leaves left now. It has been great all along until now, to watch the fall season. The leaves change colors slowly and it turns out to be a nice blend of colors as a whole. One will never be able to stop thinking about God's wonderful creations at times like this. The Fall will have to take a back seat as the snow season would be in by Nov end. Life's going to be tougher then, for this South Indian who has never seen temperatures drop down below 12 or 15 deg C at the minimum (That too while in Kodai or Ooty). :)
The daylight saving time ended today and felt like this sunday was the longest of all sundays in my life. I don't know if that one hour of daylight saving time adjustment made it seem so.
More on the daylight saving funda here :


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